You provide us your requirements.
A Project Manager at LogoCat reviews
the requirements and assigns Designers.
  LogoCat Designers provide Concepts for your review.
Concepts are rough sketches depicting the different
elements intended to be in the final design.
You review the Concepts and select one Concept
to be converted to an actual Design.
  LogoCat will present you with one or more finished
Designs based on the Concept you selected.
You will then choose one Design from them as
your final choice, or for making further revisions.
  You will be allowed to make minor revisions, limited
to changes like in the color tone or fonts used.
(If your revision needs are major, your PM will
suggest you go in for new Concepts/Designs.)
  Once your logo is revised and completed according to
your requirements, you may download the final file
right off your order record.